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About Annasharena

Annasharena is a highly trained makeup artist and is soon to be licensed Fitness Trainer out of Los Angeles, CA. As a young child, Annasharena learned the importance of positive body image, self-esteem and self-care which grew her passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals. 

Annasharena is the creator of Beauty and Buns Fitness which helps empower women and build positive body image through fitness. She is taking her Fitness Certification with NASM this fall and will launch her fitness bands this summer. With the fitness band launch there will be several boot camps to inspire healthy lifestyles and to teach the proper form and the different ways you can incorporate the bands into your workout. 

The idea to create Beauty and Buns Fitness brand came from Annasharena’s own life struggles and tribulations. Here is the backstory to where it all began. As a young adult, Annasharena struggled with anxiety, which affected different areas of her life and her self-image. The anxiety attacks were so drastic once they started the spells lasted all night and made her very ill. While learning how to cope with stress, she experienced weight loss, which resulted in a weight gain challenge that continued for over five years. During this time, Annasharena had overcame challenges in every aspect of her life. Annasharena struggled to maintain a healthy weight and healthy sleep pattern which resulted in her being late and missing work often. At work, she experienced bullying by coworkers and managers, those experiences reminded her of the lessons she was taught by her mother as a child. 

 Annasharena honors the lessons taught by her mother daily; encouraging women of all walks of life to understand the importance of positive body image, and having the highest self-esteem, and self love. Through Annasharena’s journey of life, she is teaching women tools to build self respect and encouraging them to persevere through fitness, and offering compassion for each person that she comes across in her fitness journey. Annasharena competed in a bikini fitness competition which challenged her to be at her very best fitness level and inspired her to be an even stronger woman. Through the preparation for the competition it provided her with self confidence and discipline. She prepared for the competition for 3 months, which included cooking 6 meals per day and working out up to twice a day. This provided her more energy and an overall healthy lifestyle. Annasharena’s mission is to encourage and empower people, giving them confidence and getting rid of their insecurities and moving forward with their goals and dreams with authority, energy and strength and this is why she created Beauty and Buns Fitness. Annasharena is excited to introduce to you her products and she hopes you love them as much as she does. Beauty and Buns would love to follow your fitness journey, please use #beautyandbunsfitness for a chance to be featured with your before and after results.